Submit a Suspected Violation allows individuals or companies involved in the tomato trade to report suspected violations of the Tomato Suspension Agreement.

Click Here to Submit a Suspected Violation is managed by the Florida Tomato Exchange (FTE). It is not a government website. All submitted information will be reviewed by FTE staff and legal counsel but will not be shared with any member companies of the Florida Tomato Exchange. Any information that is deemed credible will be forwarded to the U.S. Department of Commerce with a request to be treated under an Administrative Protective Order so that it will not be made public.

If you have information or evidence to share, you can do so anonymously through this website or you can provide your contact information. If you choose to provide contact information, you may be contacted by FTE staff to clarify any details or questions about the submitted information, but it will otherwise be kept confidential.

The Tomato Suspension Agreement was implemented on September 19, 2019.  It is an agreement between the U.S. Government and Mexican tomato producers, which suspends the U.S. antidumping action against fresh tomatoes imports from Mexico.  The full text of the agreement can be found here.